Spider T-shirt - Another Christmas Present Done

Liz wrote this at 23:30 :

I finished this tee last night, but was way too tired to post it. So far it is my favourite t-shirt I have made (not hard considering I have only made about 5). It doesn’t look like a pj top!! It looks so much like a RTW, I have even impressed myself! Fantastic lol
The pattern is Ottobre 3/2008 #29 - Spider T-shirt in a size 122 - it looks huge in the photos, but it should fit him perfectly. I love the design of the shirt - the back shoulder panels come a bit further forward and the seam is just on the front of the shoulders. The spider is just stencilled onto a cotton woven (the stencil didn’t work properly, and some of the paint seeped out the sides, but since I had already made the stencil 3 times unsuccessfully, this spider stayed). I also tried using Soluweb for the web design (as per the instructions). Now mine stated that it was lightly fusible. Ok, I can do this. I traced the web, placed it where I wanted it and lightly pressed with a hot iron, with a cloth over the top. Well it is fusible - to both the pressing cloth and the t-shirt!! So the only way to fix that was to rip the two pieces apart, leaving lots of Soluweb on both bits - argh!! Soluweb - 1, Liz - 0. And no web design on the tee.
After washing the Soluweb (or bits of it anyway) off the t-shirt, I just drew my own web design on there. It says to use top-stitching thread when sewing the web on, but I didn’t have any in white. So I used the triple straight stitch on my machine - this worked really well! I am so impressed with it. In fact I am a little bummed I had to sew the spider over the top lol
All that is needed is a pair of shorts to complete this outfit for my DS for Christmas.