My New Bag, A School Bag and Some Soap

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Thursday, January 15, 2009
My New Bag, A School Bag and Some Soap
Yet another higgledy-piggledy post :)

Last week I made some soap - my first try at hot process. Well, the actual soap seems to have worked, but the essential oil I used, is way too strong. I used Lemongrass, which I found out later is a very strong oil. I also learnt that with hot process, it is possible to use less essential oil, as it isn’t changed by the lye, as the stage at which you add it, the lye has already saponified.

They are still hiding under the cubby house in an attempt to cure a bit more and lose some of the smell. I gave one to my sister to try out, just waiting on an opinion.
I didn’t take many photos, so here is a quick one.


Yesterday I made some bath bombs with the kids. My first ever attempt, I am very happy with them. I just used some green food colouring and chocolate frangrance oil. They fizz fantastically in the bath - the kids had a ball!


Now I promised a photo of my DD’s school bag - the pillow case with handles lol Not a spectacular photo, but you get the picture. The fabric on the outside is from a pair of curtains I found at a church garage sale for just $1!! It is a lovely soft cotton, possibly a drill. The inside is unbleached calico.


And finally my bag. It is made using this free pattern here:
I saw it just the other day, and I knew I had to make it. I wanted a new bag for shopping and I love the fabric so I made it up today. There was a small incident though - somehow one of the panels ended up with a snip in the side near the side seam. So I decided to make a yo-yo (my first) and cover a button to make a flower to hide the injury :) I also covered a button for the closure as I didn’t have any that were suitable. I really need to find someones button stash to borrow from :)




I hope you all have a fabulous Friday - we are heading for 40C here tomorrow - not impressed!