I have moved

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To blogger. Due to some people not being able to access this blog, I decided to shift it. You can find it here: http://lizardslittle … xuries.blogspot.com/


Melly & Me Sweetness in my House :)

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Well, they are sort of in my house. They are hidden away in a cupboard away from sticky little fingers and peeping eyes until Christmas morning. I wanted to make on each for my kids. They sort of picked out the patterns, when asked which ones they liked, DS said Dilbert (luckily, as I had already bought the pattern lol) and DD picked Blossom. They don’t know they are getting them and I am just busting to see their little faces light up when they unwrap them.
I am really happy with both of them, though a few changes were made (when don’t I lol). Blossoms wings are attached with velcro so they can be removed if necessary for cuddling in bed, and they don’t have fusible fleece in them, sadly I didn’t have any, so I just used medium weight interfacing. Dilbert has no sewn on spots as he came pre-spotted (well the fabric did). It is leftover from the cubby house curtains I made.

Please welcome Dilbert:


Please welcome Blossom:


Other Christmas project progress has been happening. I finished off two pot mitts for my Grandma, to match her apron. Pictures later. DS’s shorts are about 1/3 done, need more kid asleep time, me thinks! Changed the pattern I was going to make DD’s top from too lol. It was going to be the “Hugs” top from Otto 1/2008, but I don’t have any bias binding to match the fabric, so I traced off the “Puffi” t-shirt from the Otto 3/2008 issue instead. It is all cut out, ready to sew now.

So other than that, I have a little more Christmas shopping to be done, just little things, and some Coffee Kitchen Hand Scrub to make up in the next week. Then I suppose I should look at making my shortbread mince pies for Christmas eating………..I have some fruit mince left from last year, so that should be well and truly delicious this year (it was last year too, but a year spent doing whatever the alcohol does can only improve it).


Some Sort of Order

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Who am I kidding??! lol I don’t do organisation (read tidy) very well at all. I seem to collect things, and then I need to find a home for them. In a small house with limited storage space, this is a hard task. Especially with a limited budget to create new storage. So we try and clean up and give away the stuff we no longer have a use for. This past weekend we did just that. It was mainly because the kids wanted to put the Christmas tree up so they needed to clean out their toy boxes and their desks. It also meant I had to do some of my own cleaning. I had a bookcase with my collection of cooking magazines in, and it had also become a dumping ground for anything as you walked past it. Anyone who has seen my collection knows I have wayyyy too many. I had been a subscriber to about 3 for the past 4 years or so and also bought another two when they had something I liked the look of. I randomly cleaned them out and passed them on. I stored all my ripped out pages of recipes in plastic bags and put it back in the shelf (can you see the problem here??). So this weekend I looked at the covers - if they tempted me to look inside I did, otherwise, out to the Good Sammy’s. I also recycled that big bag of torn out recipes. To complement the magazines I also have a 55L tub full of cookbooks (and then some more), so I really didn’t need to keep the magazines. Not to mention access to the internet and the millions of recipes there. Now that the bookcase holding the magazines was empty I could give it a new job. And that just happened to be sewing related.



My cupboard in the lounge (aka the sewing area) before cleaning.


I have stored my Ottobre magazines in plastic zip bags (so I don’t lose the pattern inserts) and then in a draw. Except I finally got to the stage that I now have too many to fit in the draw, well and for the draw to still go back where it belongs lol. A trip to Bunnings was in order. I wanted some magazine holders to put the mags in. I was then going to put the patterns into sheet protectors and into a lever arch file - much easier to organise. Bunnings doesn’t sell anything close to usable as a magazine holder. I didn’t want flimsy cardboard ones, and plastic ones are just expensive (I needed at least 4). So my darling hubby kindly offers to make me some. “Course I can do that darl” he says. Up to the MDF section we go. Two sheets of MDF cost us less than one plastic holder would have. Back home and within a few hours (and a couple of beers), I am the proud owner of 4 sturdy, lovely magazine holders.




So by bed time I had all the Ottobre mags sorted into their rightful place, the pattern inserts in folders and a longing to have more time and energy to sew many more things from their pages.

I finished up a few more Christmas presents too - nice smelly bath salts and bath milk. These are for my Grandma and my Aunty. I am now onto sewing shorts up for my DS to go the spider t-shirt.





Spider T-shirt - Another Christmas Present Done

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I finished this tee last night, but was way too tired to post it. So far it is my favourite t-shirt I have made (not hard considering I have only made about 5). It doesn’t look like a pj top!! It looks so much like a RTW, I have even impressed myself! Fantastic lol
The pattern is Ottobre 3/2008 #29 - Spider T-shirt in a size 122 - it looks huge in the photos, but it should fit him perfectly. I love the design of the shirt - the back shoulder panels come a bit further forward and the seam is just on the front of the shoulders. The spider is just stencilled onto a cotton woven (the stencil didn’t work properly, and some of the paint seeped out the sides, but since I had already made the stencil 3 times unsuccessfully, this spider stayed). I also tried using Soluweb for the web design (as per the instructions). Now mine stated that it was lightly fusible. Ok, I can do this. I traced the web, placed it where I wanted it and lightly pressed with a hot iron, with a cloth over the top. Well it is fusible - to both the pressing cloth and the t-shirt!! So the only way to fix that was to rip the two pieces apart, leaving lots of Soluweb on both bits - argh!! Soluweb - 1, Liz - 0. And no web design on the tee.
After washing the Soluweb (or bits of it anyway) off the t-shirt, I just drew my own web design on there. It says to use top-stitching thread when sewing the web on, but I didn’t have any in white. So I used the triple straight stitch on my machine - this worked really well! I am so impressed with it. In fact I am a little bummed I had to sew the spider over the top lol
All that is needed is a pair of shorts to complete this outfit for my DS for Christmas.



Well We Survived

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This weekend just gone, we left the kids for the very first time. The only time I have left either of my babies, was when I went in to have Adele. And even then, I saw Lachie every day. Now hubby has left the kids, as he has had to travel for work and stayed away for 2 weeks at one stage.
So we had a friends wedding invitation requesting our attendance, in Adelaide! Now, we didn’t want to not go, as this is a very good friend of ours. So we decided that since we never had a honeymoon when we got married and mum offered to have the kids for us, we should take this opportunity and take a honeymoon (even if it is 6 1/2 years late).
So we told the kids, and let them know how long we would be away, and that they were going to stay with Grandma and Grandad. They love going to the farm, so that was an adventure for them. Adele apparently got a little sad as we were boarding the plane, until mum gave her a bag of lollies. Man, swapped for lollies!! We didn’t even talk to the kids while we were gone, as they were just having too much fun and didn’t want to talk to mummy or daddy. They knew exactly how many days and sleeps we were gone for, so weren’t at all concerned. Our preparation was obviously very effective. They were very excited to meet us at the airport though :)
We stayed in a lovely hotel in Adelaide, had our little honeymoon and went to a lovely wedding. I must show my bit of sewing for this wedding, I made my dress to wear. The pattern is the Tony Gard dress from Burda WOF magazine issue 5/2008. I originally traced the pattern to my measurements, as per instructions. I didn’t want the scarf that was on the original design, so that required a little bit of re-drafting of the bodice. Ok, I can do that lol So I get all the pieces traced and cut out. I only just had enough fabric for the pattern, so there wasn’t any room for trial and error. The fabric was an end of roll from the (now don’t laugh) furnishing section in Spotlight. But for $5, I couldn’t really go wrong.
After sewing up the bodice, I gave it a trial fitting…….it was way too big!! Yet it matched my measurements, so who knows. Again, I traced the pattern, this time a size smaller. I also changed the shape of the back of the bodice more to my liking. This time, I sewed it up with some cotton fabric that was just hanging around. It fit perfectly - well around my body anyways. I needed some darts added into the bust (seems to have always been a bit of an issue for me). Then when all the kinks were ironed out in the trial bodice, I just managed to get the new bodice out of the old bodice with a few little tweaks here and there.

So here is the dress along with my hubby (on the left) and two of hubby’s friends.