A Nice Bright Olivia

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I do enjoy this pattern. Nice and easy. Quick to trace and sew. I actually got this traced, cut and sewn in about an hour and a half. That is fast for me.
I used FOE (fold over elastic) for finishing the neckline as I didn’t do the hood. I didn’t have enough fabric and as it was a short sleeve dress, I wanted to keep it basic. I thought that the FOE had finally become friends, but after photographing it, I discovered a small amount of the neckline that had missed the stitching. So a bit of unpicking, and restitching was required *sigh*. One day we will be great friends I am sure.
It is a bit long on DD, as I made the 110/116 size. But she loves it already (and not a speck of pink on it!!) She put it on before I had hemmed it, ran around and then went and hid, because she didn’t want me to take it off of her lol



At least we won’t lose her when we go out shopping! lol


The Perfect T-Shirt?

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Nearly. If I go up a size, maybe. I do like it, it is comfortable (at least it was when I tried it on) and I love the colour. I think it could be a little looser though - but then it may lose the nice shape it has (and I am more used to wearing looser tops). I really like the neckline shape - it seems rather flattering.
It is based on the Ottobre Woman #5 from 2/2007 - the Rose Top. I used the front and back pieces from this pattern, the sleeves from #3 in the same issue and made my own neckline binding, which was rather adventurous of me, as I haven’t sewn a v-neck before. I also lengthened it by 3 sizes, which seems to be a standard for me with Ottobre tops.
After having sewn a few t-shirts, once I had cut the pieces out, I put the magazine away, as I would just assemble it in the order I felt was best lol. It went together easily, I wasn’t sure how to make the v, so I just started to attach the neckline and figured it out after I had finished attaching. This worked ok, as it meant that I at least got the v lined up in the correct spot! But I did cause a little pucker in the front (not really noticeable).


I might try this again, but in either a larger size or with a fabric with more stretch (or lycra).

Have a great long weekend and Happy Australia Day to all Aussies!


Lots Of Crafting Happening

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Monday, January 19, 2009
Lots of crafting happening
Wow! We have been busy. The kids and I did some glass painting - also known as window clings - the other day. I drew the outlines, and let the kids paint inside the design. DD nearly 4yr old needed a fair bit of help, but enjoyed squeezing out the paint and spreading it around. DS nearly 6yr old was rather good and enjoyed swapping the colours around, as you can see in the photos. I also did one of a fish, as I couldn’t leave all the fun to the kids!! And today we stuck them on the windows.





I found a pattern for a crochet dishcloth on the web. I am sorry - I have forgotten the web link, if I find it I will add it in later. I used a beautiful bamboo cotton and it is so super soft, I have decided to use it as a face washer. No point in wasting it’s beautiful-ness in the kitchen sink. It took just over a whole ball to make. When I make it again, I will make it a bit smaller so that it doesn’t use more than a ball.


And today I traced, cut and sewed (shock horror - all done in one day) a nighty from the Favourite Things Nighty Night ladies pattern. As I was using a very thin cotton voile, I decided to cut two of the bodice top front and back twice so that I could use one as a facing. This worked really well, and gives it a bit more stability. When I make this pattern again, I will do the same. I will also make the straps a little shorter I think, they slip off my shoulders a bit. I want to try the pj’s as well. I do like how you use the seam allowance between the top and bottom peices to make a casing for the elastic. I umm’d and ahh’d about putting the elastic in, so I tried it on, and decided there was no harm in trying. It looks so much better with it in. It fits better and hangs better. Overall, I am very happy with this pattern, and certainly recommend it.


Hope everyone has a great week.


My New Bag, A School Bag and Some Soap

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Thursday, January 15, 2009
My New Bag, A School Bag and Some Soap
Yet another higgledy-piggledy post :)

Last week I made some soap - my first try at hot process. Well, the actual soap seems to have worked, but the essential oil I used, is way too strong. I used Lemongrass, which I found out later is a very strong oil. I also learnt that with hot process, it is possible to use less essential oil, as it isn’t changed by the lye, as the stage at which you add it, the lye has already saponified.

They are still hiding under the cubby house in an attempt to cure a bit more and lose some of the smell. I gave one to my sister to try out, just waiting on an opinion.
I didn’t take many photos, so here is a quick one.


Yesterday I made some bath bombs with the kids. My first ever attempt, I am very happy with them. I just used some green food colouring and chocolate frangrance oil. They fizz fantastically in the bath - the kids had a ball!


Now I promised a photo of my DD’s school bag - the pillow case with handles lol Not a spectacular photo, but you get the picture. The fabric on the outside is from a pair of curtains I found at a church garage sale for just $1!! It is a lovely soft cotton, possibly a drill. The inside is unbleached calico.


And finally my bag. It is made using this free pattern here: http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2008/08/margarets-birthday-bag.html
I saw it just the other day, and I knew I had to make it. I wanted a new bag for shopping and I love the fabric so I made it up today. There was a small incident though - somehow one of the panels ended up with a snip in the side near the side seam. So I decided to make a yo-yo (my first) and cover a button to make a flower to hide the injury :) I also covered a button for the closure as I didn’t have any that were suitable. I really need to find someones button stash to borrow from :)




I hope you all have a fabulous Friday - we are heading for 40C here tomorrow - not impressed!


A Redondo, A Turtle and Some Onions

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
A Redondo, A Turtle and Some Onions
A motley post for today. I made a Redondo for a birthday present for a soon to be 4 year old girl. I couldn’t just leave it as a skirt on its own, so I made a t-shirt to go with it. It was an Ottobre pattern (how usual lol), and I did my first appliqué on it :) It was simple but fun!





Over the Christmas break my son drew this on a Etch-A-Sketch. It is a turtle - so gorgeous :) And I would like put it on a t-shirt somehow, one day.


I also picked my crop of red onions today. Much better than my crop of brown. There was alot of smaller brown ones that I gave to my grandma for pickling. But I should have enough red ones to last me until next year, when I have another crop in and growing.



And lastly, I got a bag made for my daughter, as she is off to kindy this year. And they request them to have a bag like a pillow case with handles lol No photos uploaded yet, so I will add them to the next post, they are quite colourful :)