Blogtoberfest Is At An End and Some Lovely Views

Liz wrote this at 13:52 :

Just some of the fantastic views that graced our weekend. It was a weekend spent with family, and a lovely time was had.



I hope everyone enjoyed Blogtoberfest - I know I did. It was a challenge to post every day, but I am glad I did it lol


Cosy Cocoon

Liz wrote this at 00:32 :

Found at my sister’s house, and it now lives on the nature table at pre-primary. Very fascinating to look at.





Liz wrote this at 14:32 :




Yes it does.

My DS stuck all these magnets onto the bottom of his ceiling fan. They were very hard to photograph, as my photos show lol


I’ve Been Holding Out On You

Liz wrote this at 13:31 :

About two months ago, I found out my Aunty was coming over from the America. And she so kindly offered me some of her suitcase space if I wanted to buy any fabric from over there.

Well, I wasn’t going to be asked twice! lol Yes please! And the dollar conversion was pretty good (not quite as good as it is right now, but good enough). So I ordered. When the fabric arrived at her house, she checked it out and then emailed me to say that it came with a discount coupon - did I want to order some more?

Teehee - yep! But this time I made sure it was just for me :) So I got a linen/rayon blend and some patterns - a Jalie one and a Hot Patterns.


The rest of the fabrics are quilting cottons, and they are just so lovely! I can’t wait to use them.


So a huge thank you to my Aunty - enabler that she is ;)


Little Tired Today…

Liz wrote this at 12:59 :

I spent the day with DD at pre-primary today. I did some work with DD, and also helped with the other 23 kids in the class. It was great fun, and I love helping them.

After commenting to my sister that I was feeling rather tired after that, she rightly stated “Now you know why the kids are tired each day after school”. lol

So very true!

And just because I don’t like leaving a post picture-less, here is a strawberry flower - hopefully it will yield a very yummy strawberry.